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At first sight, MirrorTV looks familiar. It's a mirror.

With its slim profile and choice of frames, it looks perfectly at home in your bathroom, your kitchen, your living room.

Then you hit the remote control. Suddenly it's not a mirror, it's a flat screen TV.

It can show a pin sharp picture from its built-in TV tuner (HDTV ready) or from satellite, cable, DVD or external PC.

It can even have its own optional built-in multimedia computer, so you can access emails or internet, play MP3 audio or MPEG video files, or session your favourite games.

We are the original manufacturer of the mirror TV and offer the least reflective and best quality glass on the market.


Available in 6.4" to 65" (as well as custom built sizes), over 100 frames to choose from and optional Mirrorclear technology on bathroom models.

Call us now on +44 1279 654002 to find out more.

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