Mirror TV Products


We offer our MirrorMedia Mirror TV products in a wide range of choices from 6.4 to 65". Whether for home or office, we have a mirror televsion to suit every need.


Mirror TVs

Our Mirror Televisions are Full HD with built-in Freeview tuners, wireless HDMI and a vast range of external connectors, in-built stereo speakers and pre-amplified connectors for external speakers.

Our Mirror TVs are available in the following sizes:


Bathroom Mirror TVs

Imagine getting the news, your latest stocks and shares whilst brushing your teeth or watching your favourite soap as you lather up in the bath. Now you can with our bathroom units featuring MirrorClearTM demisting technology.

Our Bathroom Mirror TVs are available in the following sizes:


Multimedia Mirror TVs

With a MirrorMedia Multimedia Mirror TV with a built-in multimedia PC you can access the web or e-mail, run powerpoint presentations, store MP3 files or play games.

Our Multimedia Mirror TVs are available in the following sizes:


Custom Mirror TVs

We manufacture and design Bespoke Mirror Televisions to our customer's exact requirements; from high end residential, hotels, yachts, bars and corporate installations - the only limit is your imagination.

We manufacture Mirror TV's in single sheets of edge to edge safety laminated glass up to 3200x1650mm with any size screen inset - single or multiple screens as an option too.


Mirror TV Frames

All Mirror TV and MirrorMedia products come with a wide choice of frames, so simply pick your favourite or choose something that will work well with your existing decoration.

Mirror Media has over 100 different frame styles to choose from and offer bespoke frames to suit any interior.