MirrorMedia Ltd was the first company in the UK market to develop the Mirror TV concept in 2004. Since that time, we have exported our unique product to 36 countries worldwide.


Designed and manufactured at our workshops in Hertfordshire and Basingstoke, using our unique glass coating technique, we are very proud to say that our product has no rival in the market for quality and image. The TV image of our product is without question the best.


Mirror TVs

Our Mirror Televisions are Full HD with built-in tuners and a vast range of external connectors, in-built stereo speakers and pre-amplified connectors for external speakers.

Our Mirror TVs are available in the following sizes:


Bathroom Mirror TVs

Imagine getting the news, your latest stocks and shares whilst brushing your teeth or watching your favourite soap as you lather up in the bath. Now you can with our bathroom units featuring MirrorClearTM demisting technology.

Our Bathroom Mirror TVs are available in the following sizes:


Multimedia Mirror TVs

With a MirrorMedia Multimedia Mirror TV with a built-in multimedia PC you can access the web or e-mail, run powerpoint presentations, store MP3 files or play games.

Our Multimedia Mirror TVs are available in the following sizes:


At first sight, MirrorTV looks familiar. It's a mirror.

With its slim profile and choice of frames, it looks perfectly at home in your bathroom, your kitchen, your living room.

Then you hit the remote control. Suddenly it's not a mirror, it's a flat screen television.

It can show a pin sharp picture from its built-in TV tuner (HDTV ready) or from satellite, cable, Blu-ray or external PC.

It can even have its own optional built-in multimedia computer, so you can access emails or internet, play MP3 audio or MPEG video files, or session your favourite games.

Whether you are looking for something of a Wow factor or seeking to avoid making the television the focus of your lounge, the MirrorTV offers you an opportunity to achieve both!

Available in 6.4" to 65" (as well as custom built sizes), over 100 frames to choose from and optional Mirrorclear technology on bathroom models.

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