MirrorMedia FAQs


Below is a list of frequently asked questions regarding MirrorMedia Mirror TVs.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Alternatively you can call us on +44(0)1279 654002


What is the range of frames available?

We have over a hundred different frames available. Please download our Frame Brochure. We recommend that you request frame samples prior to ordering as colour and finish may vary from the photographs shown. We can also make bespoke frames if none of the standard range matches your requirements - please contact us for further information.

Can you make bespoke Mirror TVs - I would like a TV inset in a large mirror?

Yes we make a wide range of bespoke MirrorTVs for standard and bathroom use. The largest Mirror we make in one sheet is 3x1.4m with TVs from 10.4 inches to 65 inches inset within this Mirror. Naturally there is an additional cost for a bespoke unit as they are tailor-made to your requirements.

What arrangements are made for speakers?

If the Mirror TV is to be surface mounted we can provide speakers that sit behind the wooden frame and bounce the sound off the back wall. They are not viewable from the front of the TV, only from the side. The speakers are made from stainless steel with silver cloth covers so they blend in very well.

If the units are to be flush mounted i.e. recessed, the speakers cannot be attached to the unit as there is no outlet for the sound; in this instance we recommend using in-wall or in-ceiling speakers about which we can give you further details. Alternatively you can use an existing Hi-Fi or in-room Surround Sound solution.

Is it possible to install it above an operating fire? Will the heat affect the TV?

Our Mirror TVs can be mounted on a chimney breast provided there is adequate ventilation. If they are surface mounted (i.e. not recessed) then the free air surrounding the TV will provide sufficient circulation.

If you are recessing the unit into the chimney breast then ventilation is required by either employing a forced air system (fans) or providing a suitable void to increase the volume of air for circulation - please see question 5 below. MirrorMedia can provide suitable fan kits and further information on installation.

What is the depth of recess required when installing the MirrorTV?

The depth required depends on the TV and frame chosen. We recommend that a recess installation is carried out by a qualified installer - with the frame and TV on site to ensure the dimensions used relate to your frame and TV. If you would like further information, please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with a copy of our installation guide.

In a stud wall, a void is required for air circulation; we recommend a void of 100mm in depth by 1m above and 1m below from the centre of the unit. If this circulation void is not possible - or if you are mounting the TV in a block or brick wall then we suggest a forced air ventilation system is employed with thermostatically controlled fans, which MirrorMedia can supply.

Is there anywhere I should not position a Mirror TV?

As with any TV, you should ensure that your MirrorTV is positioned away from where it will have direct sunlight on it whilst being watched or direct artificial light - eg. spotlights aimed at the screen.

At what level are your Bathroom TVs waterproof and what stops them from steaming up?

All our bathroom TVs are water ingress rated to IP65, are double insulated and have inbuilt MirrorClearTM demisting technology that gently heats the front face of the glass and stops condensation from forming on the mirror - this ensures you have a picture perfect TV and mirror for shaving or make-up.

What is the lead-time from placement of an order?

Normally all our TV models are held in stock. The frames are however made to order and this takes 5-7 working days depending on the frame type chosen.