Bathroom Mirror TVs


Imagine getting the news, your latest stocks and shares whilst brushing your teeth or watching your favourite soap as you lather up in the bath. Now you can with our bathroom units featuring MirrorClearTM demisting technology.

The possibilities are endless:

Mirror Functionality: Like a regular bathroom mirror, the primary function of a bathroom mirror TV is to provide reflection. When turned off or in standby mode, the mirror surface functions just like any other mirror, allowing you to see your reflection clearly for grooming and personal hygiene purposes.

Television Functionality: When activated, the mirror transforms into a high-definition television screen. You can watch TV shows, movies, or any other multimedia content while going about your bathroom routine. This feature adds entertainment and convenience to the bathroom space, allowing you to catch up on news, watch your favourite programs, or simply relax while bathing.

Anti-Fogging Technology: To prevent the mirror from fogging up due to steam from hot showers or baths, our bathroom mirror TVs are equipped with MirrorClearTM anti-fogging technology. This ensures that users can maintain a clear view of themselves in the mirror even during steamy conditions.

Waterproofing and Durability: Our bathroom mirror TVs are designed to withstand the unique conditions found in bathrooms, including high humidity and occasional splashes of water. Our bathroom mirror TVs are equipped with waterproofing technology to protect the internal components from moisture damage. Additionally, the mirror surface is made of durable materials to ensure longevity and resistance to damage.

Embedded Speakers or Audio Connectivity: To provide audio for the television content, bathroom mirror TVs come with built-in speakers or support external audio connectivity options such as Bluetooth or auxiliary ports. This allows you to enjoy immersive sound while watching TV or listening to music in the bathroom.

All our bathroom mirror TVs can be either wall-hung or flush-mounted. Bathroom units can be either mirrors to the same size as the screen (bathroom models) or have the screen inset within a larger mirror, 750mm x 750mm

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