Mirror TVs


Our MirrorTVs are Full HD with built-in Freeview tuners and a vast range of external connectors, in-built stereo speakers and pre-amplified connectors for external speakers. Please call us on +44(0)1279 654002 for your bespoke requirements.

Mirror Mode:

When not in use, the mirror TV functions as a regular mirror. It reflects light, allowing you to see your reflection clearly. This mode is ideal for various spaces such as living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, or dressing areas where a mirror is needed.

Television Mode:

With the push of a button or through a remote control, the mirror TV switches to television mode. The reflective surface becomes a high-definition display screen, offering all the features of a conventional television. You can watch TV programs, movies, or any other multimedia content.

Wireless HDMI

In-built Wireless HDMI allows you to wirelessly connect any HDMI source to your MirrorTV supporting full HD 1080p from up to 5m* away. Now all that's required to get your ultraslim MirrorTV working is to hang it on the wall and just add power.

Stream your TV/DVD/PC source directly to the MirrorTV via an included HDMI wireless transmitter with in-built IR.


With over 100 different standard frame styles and a myriad of colours to choose from (bespoke options also available) your MirrorTV can blend seamlessly into any surroundings.

We also provide a free frame sample service. Please download our dowload our frame brochure here