MirrorMedia - Mirror TV Reviews


MirrorMedia Mirror TVs have appeared on screen, online and in print for nearly two decades. Below are a selection of reviews of our products from TV shows, magazines, newspapers and websites.

Mirror Media Mirror TVs

Our MirrorTVs are Full HD with built-in tuners and a vast range of external connectors, in-built stereo speakers and pre-amplified connectors for external speakers.

Mirror Media Bathroom Mirror TVs

Imagine getting the news, your latest stocks and shares whilst brushing your teeth or watching your favourite soap as you lather up in the bath.

Mirror Media Multimedia Mirror TVs

With a built-in multimedia PC you can access the web or e-mail, run powerpoint presentations, store MP3 files or play games. In fact you can do anything you would normally use your PC for.

Mirror Media Custom Mirror TVs

We manufacture and design Bespoke Mirror Televisions to our customer's exact requirements; from high end residential, hotels, yachts, bars and corporate installations.